I support you in the creation of your personalized furniture, from design to manufacturing of sofas, armchairs and benches.

Thanks to the design of personalized seats, it is possible to break away from standards and design furniture with tailor-made shapes and dimensions, thus guaranteeing absolute comfort and an original design. Each creation is unique.


My expertise allows me to restore all types of seats and furniture, whatever their style.
Thanks to my expertise and knowledge, I am comfortable with all ancient eras (Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Regency) and the most recent trends.

For me, restoring period seats requires the use of classic upholstery and upholstery methods. Putting horsehair, for example, requires great skill and the use of natural materials such as animal or plant hair, hemp rope, burlap, cotton and linen twine. I use modern materials to create contemporary seating.

No matter the appearance of your furniture (studded, braided, suspended, decorated), we offer you meticulous finishes, guaranteeing a superior quality result.

A wide choice of fabrics is available to cover the seats, whether plain, printed or with a woven pattern. Contemporary weaving techniques offer the possibility of giving a touch of style to seats, taking them through the ages and making them timeless. I assure you of impeccable shapes, absolute comfort and great durability of our furniture.