Bed decors

My bedding creations are tailor-made based on the size of your bed or the dimensions of your mattress.


Custom designed, my creations reflect your desires and respect the harmony of the room.

Each piece is unique and will be made with the greatest care to ensure a balance between harmony and comfort.


Headboards are now transformed into real decorative elements. Classic or contemporary, whether with padded or not, they add a decorative touch to your room while ensuring increased comfort.


Our cushions are a true invitation to comfort and daydreaming, with shapes, colors, patterns and textures at your disposal.

I designed and created all my creations in my workshops, using ancestral know-how, in order to offer you unparalleled comfort and refined bedding.


Because comfort is the essential element for a restful night and sleep, I offer you tailor-made mattresses made with the greatest care.