Window decorations


The window designs I offer add a refined note to your decoration, while expressing the personality of the room, with elegance and comfort. By combining colors and materials, finishes and accessories, double curtains, sheers, tiebacks and trimmings provide subtle brightness to your spaces.

Since the quality of a product is based on the details, I pay particular attention to the choice of finishes: rods, trimmings, lambrequins and other tiebacks are considered essential elements that adorn and embellish the curtains.



In terms of finishing for your curtains, I offer a wide variety of styles: timeless, contemporary, modern..

In addition to their aesthetic appearance, curtains also have undeniable advantages for the acoustics of a room or for providing total blackout.


My years of experience have allowed me to develop the skills necessary to handle, implement and organize all fastening systems. I can install your rods and curtains myself.

Each intervention is carried out with infinite precision while respecting the rules of the art of the profession.